The Keely Hazell Sex Tape

Keeley Hazell, the most published Page 3 Girl in 2006 - Now has her Sex Video Released!.

At just 19 years old, the 32E cup British Babe is one you'd love to see do a sex tape, but never thought it would happen. Keeley is the most popular Page 3 Girl in years. She has been photographed topless, but until now has never been seen fully nude. The video was made last year while in Majorca with an ex-boyfriend Lloyd Miller. It is real, its in all the British tabloids today- and now the full 10 minute version has hit the internet. Hear all the action "Slurp! Slurp! Get on the Bed! Fuck me baby! Ohh! Ahh!". Your favorite Page 3 Girl un-fucking believable. Sucking and fucking her mate on camera!