The Gena Lee Nolin Sex Tape

It's emerged that well know former Baywatch Star Gena Lee Nolin has been doing more in front of the camera than just running down a beach in a skimpy red bathing suit.

Her own addition to the Celebrity Sex Tapes Hall of Shame involves a "steamy romp" with then husband Greg Fahlman (who is wearing a very peculiar lime green shirt) throughout the sex tape and who it seems kept the tape after they split.

Runour then has it that a woman he later became involved with stole the tape from him which was eventually sold to some porn site for an estimated $1 Million.

The best part by far involves Gena Lee provocatively kneeling in front of the camera wiggling her behind for a little while before her lime green clad lover comes in and tries to fuck her from behind. This she doesn't respond to and so he stands up places his cock into her mouth which she duly sucks until he ejaculates over her tits. What are the bets that this wasn't made for public consumption!...great work Gena.           CLICK TO DOWNLOAD VIDEO